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Assured Home inspections Inc. Niagara Falls

If It's There To Find, Assured Inspection services Will Find It!


& Education

Over 25 years of Industry Experience (building, renovations, engineering, plumbing, electrical, roofing,etc)

We are Professional, Educated, and Fully Insured.  We only use cutting edge tools and technology to complete each inspection and educate our clients.

We strive to continue our education throughout each year. Utilizing InterNACHI's wide range of support  and training classes. Webinars, Hands on field training, Association Members Forum and many other training efforts.

We specialize in general home inspections, with a clear dedication to providing homeowners and home buyers with a peace of mind by offering a precise reporting and assessment of their investment.

We aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction on every job, and we want to do the same for you. For more information on how we can help you make smarter real estate assessments or improve your quality of living, contact us today.

We greatly value the trust you have placed in us.

Assured home inspections are Not conducted on a Pass or Fail Basis.

A physical home inspection is a critical part of the home buying and selling process. We offer a wide range of full-scope inspections to choose from.

We offer a Paper Free Inspection

All our inspections are followed up with an electronic report detailing all questions, concerns and issues found with your home.

Our report is approximately 40 pages  filled with detailed photos & recommendations.



If at your home inspection you honestly believe that I have not performed a thorough home inspection or that I was not working for your best interest, the home inspection is free! I will gather my belongings, shake your hand and wish you well. The end.

Otherwise, you will shortly receive your professional report and you may contact me as often as you like with any questions you have regarding your home!

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John Kendall, CPI, IAC2
Certified Professional Inspector


If it's there to find, we will find it!

Our goal is to educate our clients, not scare them. Home inspectors walk a fine line between education and misinformation. 

What makes us unique? 

Most of our Inspectors started off in the Residential Contracting and Engineering fields first. We feel that this start gives us a unique approach to a much more indepth inspection. Combine this with a variety of state of the art equipment and you have a strong and superior inspector.

Additional to that:

We refuse to inspect  from the sidelines.

We climb roofs, enter attics, crawl spaces, decks, and any other places that require a close inspection. We believe that this is the only way to inspect a home properly.