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infrared inspections (Flir Systems)

Infrared Certified

A complete behind the scenes inspection...we look at walls , roofs, attic spaces, insulation systems, floors, and panels, etc.

Complete Below Ground Video Inspection of your entire plumbing system. Cleaning and General above ground inspection

This includes Apartment Complexes, Motels, Office Buildings, Retail Stores, and Warehouses.  We inspect the major systems of the property and the visible structural components.

plumbing Inspections

Certified Master Plumber


Building Inspections

Wett inspections

Certified Inspector

As your home ages, its condition can dramatically affect the quality of your indoor air. During an indoor air quality survey, we evaluate your home's condition, make recommendations on how to improve your indoor air quality.We are also equip to perform Mold and Radon Testing if required

An extended electrical inspection. This inspection digs a lot deeper. Line Traces, Load Amounts, Serge Rates and Load Draws etc.

standard Inspections

       1. Structural (Foundations and Structure)

       2. Exterior Components

                            Grading / Drainage, Flashing, sills, Entry Components,

                            Siding Material etc.

       3. Plumbing (interior and exterior)

       4. Electrical (interior and exterior)

       5. Heating & CoolingSystems

       6. Roof System (Roof, Venting, Exterior Connections/exits, Sky lights, Drainage, etc.)

       7. Mechanical Operating System

         8. Attic Structure,  ventilation and insulation

       9. Windows ,Ceilings and Walls

     10. Water Heater and Plumbing

     11.  Foundation, Grading and Drainage

     12. Stairs, Doors, Walk Ways, and Driveways

     13. Garage and other Out Buildings


premium Inspections

Wood Energy Technology Transfer is a visual examination of wood burning appliances-fireplaces, wood burning stoves etc. and all its visible components.

Indoor air quality

Certified Technician 

Water intrusion is one of the most common causes of mold issues and a leading cause of design and construction claims. Not only will it greatly reduce the operation of a building or home, but can become more widespread and expensive if not discovered and corrected in a timely manner.


electrical inspection

Certified Electrician